Normally I never write about foreign politics, let alone writing about politics at all.

But this one… I have to get it out of my chest !..

I’d like to consider myself as a person free from all forms of religious bigotry, political views and nationalism…

However I do think that being an American citizen is somewhat special in the sense that every once in a while these guys get to choose the most influencial person in the world… That is true; American presidents are still the most influencial people in the world.

And choosing who that person is a big responsibility for sure…


So when I first heard about Donald Trump leading the polls in the GOP race I was like… WOW!..

As a Turkish citizen I honestly dont see myself in a position to critize other nations’ choices due to obvious reasons… we definitely have our own problems… But I lived in 3 different states of USA for about 6 total years and I also plan to go back in near future… so I can say that I am aware of the atmosphere when it comes to election time…

I am also aware of the fact that US citizens are totally fed up with professional politicians being the puppets of businessmen, corruption, social injustice and etc. and I love the phrase “desperate times need desperate measures” which might well be the case in USA right now…

but Trump? Really?!.. I mean taking this measure could measure up to be the end of the world literally.

Do Americans really want this guy to be the most influencial person in the world?!

I mean here is a guy who calls latino immigrants as “mostly rapists” although being accused of rape by his first wife during their divorce ( which she retracted later on); wants to cancel the Iran nuclear deal and let Putin invade Ukrain; calls white supremacists as passionate patriots and the list goes on and on…

We have to remind ourselved about Schwarzenegger being elected as the governer of CA… so anything can happen.

And while I was trying to come to grips with the big possibility of Trump being the leader of the world and seeing the newly discovered earth-like planet Kepler-186f as the only escape… something occured to me.

Maybe just maybe… Americans do actually realize the importance of this election. One thing they also realize is they are losing their dominance as a nation and so their presidents too…

And now they are blackmailing the entire world by putting Donald Trump in the lead of the GOP race.. just to give their current president a clear edge!

I mean just when he is about to leave, Obama is having the most efficient and effective period of his presidency, right?.. He even came to terms with Iran about their nuclear plans.

I bet all he had to say was “Hey you better come to terms with me… or good luck with the Trump guy!”

All jokes aside, honestly this is the only rationale I could come up with…

Other than that I dont know which is more sad:

Being Trump or being the person who votes for Trump!


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